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    Hey there, I'm Mimi and this is my profile. I guess since you took the time to stalk me I should give you a little information huh? Well I live on the North Eastern coast of the USA. I enjoy doing the following activities: drawing avatar art, roleplaying, writing poetry, playing video games, watching anime, real life cosplay, drawing hentai art (its a hobby I indulge in quite often), dressing my avatar in cute clothes, cuddling, taking pictures, and watching the sun rise. I like drawing free art even though I should charge for my work. I'm overwhelmingly generous I can't really say no to people who need help unless I have absolutely no means of helping them. I am not a pervert even though I draw hentai I just think drawing my subjects while doing the deed is a bit more intimate then my normal art. I like to have fun talking to new people so I go out onto towns a whole bunch. I also have a respiratory issue which I was born with that causes me to disappear from Gaia and the internet for days on end. I hope we can become good friends with one another. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Also before I forget please send any and all art request through Private message so its easier for me to keep track of.
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