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  • Artist Info: Hello sane people!<br />
    Just a few tips if you want to get to know me! wink <br />
    <br />
    1. I bite.<br />
    2. If you steal my cookie, I WILL hunt you down!<br />
    3. Don't touch my stuff, unless I give you permission of course.<br />
    4. I'm REALLY random, so my mood changes a lot.<br />
    5. I might run off somewhere at a random moment, so don't be alarmed.<br />
    6. I'm normally fun to be around!<br />
    7. I get REALLY aggressive about both stupid and serious things.(take this as a warning if you want)<br />
    8. I have some Hipster tendencies, so if you're against Hipsters it wouldn't be wise to talk to me.<br />
    9. I make a lot of Fandom references, so if you don't understand something I say that would be the reason.
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