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  • Artist Info: gaia_nitemareleft emotion_bigheart yum_strawberry My name is Devin! yum_strawberry emotion_bigheart gaia_nitemareright <br />
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    emotion_bigheart yum_puddi heart I am a freshman! I live in Ohio. I am a girl that has big dreams! I wish to own my own Tattoo and Comsetology shop. I love the style of vintage! I am a pure rockabilly. I am quite old school. My favorite band is the Misfits! yum_donut If you couldn't tell! I love Ramones, Rancid, and Bad Religion as well! Even some Bobby Darin! I wish to be a pin-up model as well. Maybe even do the roller derby! yum_strawberrypie I am a Diabetic Type 1. I love to paint and draw. I'm good at it as well. I do Volleyball and Color Guard. I love to do dance routines and flag twirling. I love cherry Dollface and Sabina Kelley! They are my inspiration to my style. I have brown hair which is in the style of Bettie Page bangs! I also have bright blue eyes. I LOVE SWEETS! yum_wasabipie You can't get them away from me. I am a cat person. I would love to have a hairless cat! cat_4laugh They are so different and unique to me! I play Dungeons and Dragon, Magic the Gathering, and huge on Sailor Moon! gaia_star gaia_angelright gaia_crown I have all the reprint comics so far! So...you can even call me a geek if you want! I love Star wars and I want to have a scout trooper and roses for my first tattoo! yum_cupcake I want to get my bridge pierced or you can call it an earl piercing. I want to get my tongue pierced as well. I have quite an Imagination and you can message me about anything! I won't get offended because I might have the same ideas as well! heart yum_puddi emotion_bigheart <br />
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