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  • Artist Info: I consider myself a nice person, a bit sarcastic, smart, pretty in my own way, etc... I really can't stand for cruelty. Be it high school bullies or kicking puppies, it doesn't fly well with me. I'm pretty shy at first but when I come out of my shell all hell breaks loose. <br />
    I love sports and just being physically active overall. Well, playing sports that is. I play soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball and I love taking my pup on walks. I love nature but I despise spiders and most things that crawl or lurch (except for babies, babies are more than welcome in my book). <br />
    I listen to a lot of music. Mainly it's a lot of mixed music ranging from 70s and 80s pop to modern rock to metal to (just a pinch of) country. I tend to be a random and completely blunt person and I like to surround myself with such.<br />
    As for favorite colors it's all mood dependent. Sometimes it's orange or yellow or some other crazy color but most often it's blue or green. Black technically isn't a color and neither is white. I don't agree with it but I can't change technicallities so don't even start.<br />
    If you want to know anymore about me you should find me and maybe we can get our convo on. 3nodding heart heart heart heart heart
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