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  • Artist Info: Heya! I'm Altec! I like to play!<br />
    Theres always fun things going on in my head. I drive a Mini cooper so I'm a bit crazy about mah car o.O<br />
    Making jewelry is my passion, but I'm going to be going to school for automotive service.<br />
    I'm Christian Methodist and LOVE to go out in the community and help people out no matter how much help they need or who they were. I don't judge.<br />
    Its kind of funny...I'm a christian, yet I'm a furry and a kink. Maybe some people would find that odd, but hey...Its me XD<br />
    I also hail from das Vater-Land, (Deutschland uber alles!)<br />
    Meine Mutter wollte mich nicht -_- so now I'm in the states, much better off.<br />
    But I still love the language as you can see. But I stopped taking classes...So i'm not fluent...<br />
    <br />
    <br />
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