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  • Artist Info: cool Yo!! I'm ShadowYu <br />
    2 years pass by and still alive > biggrin <br />
    I finally got my work art done so add me then i show you<br />
    I like Music with anything expect country music<br />
    i able to speak four freaking language and still on going<br />
    I like anime and manga, so tell me about it and what interesting<br />
    Just a random guy who lazy on the couch doing nothing but nap <br />
    My special ability is to draw on the computer and sketch, Also ninja i learn how to Wing Chun (learn from master Ip and bruce lee)<br />
    I like sport but meh ....not so good at anything expect fighting....is fighting a sport? is it? huh? IT IS?? <br />
    Anyway, i got nice car over there but at the car shop not so much to equip or pimping my ride<br />
    I don't easily get mad like normal people do<br />
    Well let me tell you this ....i'm not normal and i never will<br />
    Finally that all about it, see ya just taking nap
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