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  • Artist Info: heyy biggrin <br />
    name: bryan<br />
    age: 17<br />
    hair: brown with a lil blond<br />
    eyes: green<br />
    height: 6'2<br />
    weight: 115<br />
    nick name: pony boy<br />
    relationship: none<br />
    music: country and rock<br />
    <br />
    im a verry nice person and id love to chat with anyone, i allways try to see the good in people, never the bad, im never mean but i have gotin into fights that i won sweatdrop im not to short, and not that tall, im verry skiny with some musel. xp i dont have a girlfriend, just because all the girls at school iv met are stuck up and snoby. i love country, but if you dont i dont care whee if yuo wana talk messige me rolleyes <br />
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