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  • Artist Info: race: Half Unseelie half Seelie <br />
    <br />
    weapons: engergy whip, yin and yang aura tatoo(on the palms of both hans),an array of martial arts, a white phonix sword and a black dragon sword<br />
    weakness: aint telling <br />
    <br />
    specail abilitys: yin and yang aura attack, premotions, well trained in battle especaly talented with the swords, teleportation, spell casting and death screeching.<br />
    <br />
    kyaumae is still developing her abilities and will train vigorously.<br />
    she was born december 25 ???? Her mother was an elite asassin and bounty hunter. Her mothers race is a mix of many of the Unseelie court. Her mother has told kyaumae that her father is dead. Scorned by her fathers court and detesting her mothers, Kyaumae took off onto her own, learning the powers that seep form the earth. At one point, alone and exhausted Kyaumae was taken in by an old Gaurdian of Dragons and pheonixs master. After afew hundred years of training under him she learned that he had ulterior motives for training her that what she was told and was forced to have the contract between the Seelie and Unseelie courts branded on her back. This contract helps her protect dragons and pheonixs and allowed a dragon and a pheonix to be born into her soul.How ever she in return cannot die untill they have been wiped out of existance.She can no longer earn scars and is frustrated that she has nothing to show off after a battle. When she was hunting her brother she was givin the honor to kill her mother as is family tradition.She now trains hard and thrives to distroy any virtue she finds worthy to meet her wrath.After finding out that her father is still alive she is determined to get away from him as he has a tendancey to want to use her powers as his own. After he had threatend her feiancee she did afew favores for him to make him more leaniant.After a while she became tired of spilling innocent blood and challenged him to a fight. She triuphed and though her father is now decieced she has earned his respect.
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