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  • Artist Info: Hello there, My names Catherine :]<br />
    Lets start out with the things I love;<br />
    1: Friends (I would be a nobody without them)<br />
    2:One Direction (4 letters; LOVE ^_^)<br />
    3:Liam Payne! (too obsesed!!!!)<br />
    4 razz ink and blue (whenever I get clothes, these are the main colors I get em in xD)<br />
    5: Animals (Horsies and leapards! x3)<br />
    6:God and my family ^_^<br />
    I have brown hair and blue eyes. im not fat at all. <br />
    Honestly, i have no idea if I'm pretty or not..<br />
    I am definately crazy and not afraid to show it, especially with my friends x3 and whenever i think about liam I get overly exited and crazy. I would do anything just to hug him &lt;3 Hahah. I also like hairbows .<br />
    And I like music, specifically one direction (if I hadn't already said that about a million times).<br />
    I love making my avi kawaii :]<br />
    I love gymnastics and cheer.<br />
    Im very unique, so you will never see another copy of me ^_^ .. unless everyones so jelly of me they try to be me.. LOL jk.<br />
    A little advice though: always be yourself ,because nobody likes a copy. And never be afraid to be crazy. Thats how you get lots of friends. Friends like you for who you are ^u^ <br />
    Well that's me! Peace out people!
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