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    Hello! <br />
    People are really reading my about me? Wow I feel really loved! =3<br />
    Any who I'm Amber but call me luna <br />
    I'm single now.. but not looking anymore cause I think love is a weak pathetic emotion and to me all couples should fucken die!<br />
    I'm a furry got a problem with that so what?<br />
    I wanna become a guitariest <br />
    I'm goth and I'm emo... But I'm fun loving <br />
    I'm an epic person <br />
    I'm nice when I'm not pissed ^_^<br />
    I HATE random friend request <br />
    Please for the sake of my sanity please talk to me before you add me.... <br />
    I love random PM's and Comments but please no hacking PM's and forwards &gt;: They annoy me and you WILL be reported And I don't like to report people <br />
    I love music <br />
    I'm not a huge fan of pitbulls cause I got attacked around this time (January) caused me to loose my best friend a white lab named Bear.... <br />
    If you do have a proplem with me being goth or emo just get out of here I lost a friend that hated goths and he left me for a girly girl prissy ass whore -_- So yeah I think I'm ugly....<br />
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