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    Real life name : Tiger Lilly <br />
    Age : 24<br />
    Epithet : Tiger, Sayuri, BakaSayu<br />
    Race : Asian (Chinese/Hmong)<br />
    Star Sign : Taurus<br />
    Status : Alive<br />
    Relationship : Love Struck heart <br />
    Occupation : Artist<br />
    Sexuality : Demisexual<br />
    Activities : Cooking, Working, Drawing, Video Games<br />
    Reason to live : Dream goals, Cosplay, Boyfriend~!
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    I am Meant 2B. My username is based off the gaia item Meant 2B which is also the reference of 2B from Nier Automata. I am a gaian veteran from 2007. I like to cosplay, make avatar and chat. But I do not spend a lot of time online; so if you befriend me, I will probably gladly accept your friend request or denied your request. But do not get your hopes up. I like video games, drawing, music, and sweets! If you like to know a Gaia item I use for my cosplay; please do ask because I hope I can ease your mind with hard working researching like I do xD<br />
    I like to RP too; if you see me change outfit to a character you'd like to RP with just hit me up with either a PM or a Comment, however again I don't spend alot of time online and if I don't seem to be in the mood to chat with you; don't take it personal I'm just sorta picky with who I talk with. <br />
    I'm single, but not looking for a relationship. Past two RL relationships have taught me alot. But my last one taught me that I can still be happy with him even if we weren't in a relationship. We can still love each other; our differences in life maybe hard to stumble in each others lives, but second chances are still a possibility if you slowly let it build up instead of rushing it to become something bigger.<br />
    <br />
    So, thanks for visiting my profile; Enjoy your day and Stay Golden.<br />
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