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    Hello there!
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    Call me Xinky! My previous name was Flashlight, so call me whichever you like!<br />
    I love Skittles and Nutella! :33<br />
    I hate it when people don't have capitals in a beginning of a sentence. Except when I do it. Bcuz Yolo--<br />
    I don't like the radio because they play the same things. It just goes on and on and on. D:<br />
    Please don't make me mad. D: I'll treat you with respect. You treat me with respect.<br />
    Roleplaying is my past time! So PM me anytime you want saying you wanna rp. I don't bite!! ^^<br />
    I love a lot of bands! Mostly rock...and I love Vocaloid too!~ They're all my favorite.<br />
    I am 19! ^u^<br />
    Please enjoy my profile! I know I did a messy job, but I'll fix it. I promise D:
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