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  • Artist Info: Same guy from before but you can visually see how i act now Loool<br />
    My name is Alecks I'm am 16 I'm a gamer of many genres <br />
    I'm a dude who likes cute things and I like TO be cute...Buut~ don't get the wrong idea...I'm not trying to impress anyone, I'm not trying to attract anyone, just here to make friends.<br />
    I'm taken thanks for asking XD<br />
    I'm frequently on League of Legends more then anything I do on the computer. .(other then youtube lel)The summoner name is Alecks Tracer for those who want to add me! don't be fooled by the mastery 7 Morgana or Sona...I'm actually a Kha'zix and Jhin main its just really hard to get an S on adc's and trying to get a S+ on a jungler is like trying to find a shiny pokemon from games before 6th gen...I'm still diverse in my chamion pool but enjoy those 2 the most~ and I plan on mastering ever 131+ champions to 5+ for as long as I love league<br />
    I also doodle for people who ask nicely, but an art piece will need to be discussed as depending on the property will bring a cost of gold but worry not its not expensive at all (mostly because I'm still learning in some places).<br />
    If I'm not gaming I'm probably burning some creativity and trying to improve as an artist as i thrive for my goal career as a comic book illustrator.<br />
    If your looking for someone to be around or talk to I'm a friend who will do their personal best to make thine happy and smile biggrin <br />
    I've come to the conclusion that gaia itself wasn't the reason i was having a virus problem rather it was the links that gaia cash was obtainable from so no more of that now :l<br />
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