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  • Artist Info: My name is nick and i know that i bassically have no life really. I tend to focus my attention on my band "Nematic" i will put up a link to the Nematic myspace page but we have yet to create one yet. I am a drummer but i want to learn bass guitar. I have no job so i have no set sleeping schedule, i'm usually up very late then sleep all day but i am looking for a job now so hopefully a sleeping schedule will form. I write lyrics and sing for my experimental music project "Escape The Expected". i draw on occasion when i'm bored, i can only draw japanese animation type stuff. I don't go out to often considering i don't have a car. Most of my friends are alcoholics so i tend to drink a lot when i chill with them. I smoke cigarette's. I'll smoke weed once every blue moon but it's not something i do everyday anymore. I like big butts and i cannot lie. I don't think i'm too attractive, not that i'm insecure but because i just don't. I can't grow a beard. I drum on everything with my hands. Music is my life and it's in my blood. I went to jail for six months. I'm not actually "emo", it's just a stupid nickname i was given. If you sparkle in the sun then your gay. Period<br />
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    oh and this is me<br />
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