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  • Artist Info: [Name: Sadie<br />
    Age: 20<br />
    Height: "5'7" ish.<br />
    Weight: 125 pounds<br />
    Sex: Im a Women and im straight. <br />
    Relationship: Happily taken by the most wonderful guy.<br />
    Where I live: 439 East District (just kidding thats from DBZ)<br />
    What I like to do on gaia: I love to do any kind of role play but if your a freakin Gmoding punk or Powerplayer then leave me alone. I like making new friends.<br />
    Favorite Colors: Pink, Black, Blue, Green, Purple and then the rest. <br />
    Hobbies: Skateboarding, basketball, softball, play fighting, other sports, singing, dancing, other performing arts, writing books and poetry, reading normal books and manga, and Manhwa. And Video game.. Im a gamer<br />
    Favorite show: All series of Dragon Ball<br />
    What I want to be: Model, but can i? probably not<br />
    What im going to be: A very successful Cosmetologist.<br />
    Music: Hmmm. lets just say i dont like music that isnt good. other than that i like all types.<br />
    What Im bad at: Spelling.... Im stupid and I admit it...-sighs-<br />
    Other: Dont judge me by the way I look... Im also not afraid to speak my mind so if you dont wanna know the truth dont ask. Im a dare devil, I like to drink,get high and shit, you can say im a redneck just cuz i talk like one and i live here but that dont mean anything at all. because im deff. not a redneckin hill billy Im just good ol' me. But dont let all this intimidate you im actually a nice person. Just dont piss me off and we can be good friends.
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