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  • Artist Info: Gender: Female lol no lie k i didnt switch my body or anything im an actual girl haha<br />
    Relationship: im Bisexual im into girls and guys if there intresting tho.. i hate seriouse relationships wiht friends or anyone bye that matter but dont get me wrong i can be a seriouse person when i have to be<br />
    Age: im 17 4laugh once in a while i do forget my age so please dont hold it againsst me and call me a lyer sweatdrop <br />
    Ethnicicty: unknown life form blaugh <br />
    And i do everyhting i wanna do when the time comes to me, im not spioled i just have no time to be doing nothing and bored out of my mind. if i wanna do it then why not i mean there no time like the present im a GAMER,SKATER,AND A NERDY CHEERLEADER!! lol yes this is actually capable of happening but im not stuck u[p im also extremly wierd well that what my friends say smile but its kool. so dont be shy to talk to me cuz well.. i know i wont be shy to talk to you mrgreen much love to everyone and im excited on getting to know everyone smile ) EPICNESS!! heart
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