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  • Artist Info: Im Shaileigh.D Lawson :3. i'm a all above. addict drugs alcohol love it all. my favorite thing this smoking weed. but i'm getting sober i'm in CMA-Crystal Meth Anonymous/AA-Alcoholic Anonymous. <br />
    i'm the year of the Leo August 2 1994. so some you might now wanna get to know me razz <br />
    Im dating the most amazing Bunny+Nate= heart (September 22/2013 5:00Am). <br />
    Im a Juggalette &lt;3 7years Down with the clown<br />
    i live in Arizona i moved with my grandma recently. i have a dog blue-tick hound hes my life i have a horses palomino.<br />
    I love to party and have lots of fun. <br />
    I love animals.most favorite Horses,Dog,Cats.
    <br />
    fav dog-pit-bull <br />
    fav horse-My horse heart
    <br />
    fav cat-Leos/Tigers
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