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  • Artist Info: Hello, I'm DelicateScreams and welcome to my profile! ❤<br />
    I'm a total nerd for Creepypasta and OFF.<br />
    I love reading yaoi. o///o<br />
    I like playing Japanese horror games such as Corpse Party or <br />
    Mad Father. ❤<br />
    <br />
    If you wanna talk to me feel free, and don't be shy. I'm here for ❤<br />
    anyone no matter the problem. If you wanna be my friend then of <br />
    course! I love making new friends and I'm not like some people <br />
    who you try to become friends with them, but they act too cool for you,<br />
    have you ever met anyone else like that? They're rude! <br />
    Anyways, I respect you and your fandom every one of you.<br />
    If you like anime, cool! (Actually so do I)<br />
    If you like FNAF, okay cool!<br />
    If you like Creepypasta, I LOVE YOU.❤<br />
    But hey if you're a good person and you talk to me, you're already my friend.<br />
    I expect you to respect my opinion, just as I respect yours. <br />
    Thank you for reading!<br />
    Have a nice day! ❤
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