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  • Artist Info: Name:Chanda<br />
    Age:20<br />
    Sex:Female<br />
    B-day:June 25 <br />
    Ethnicity:Cambodian and British<br />
    About me :<br />
    My names Chanda<br />
    I do have an accent!<br />
    I am a fun very random <br />
    and Loves new ppl If your cool <br />
    being crazy random ect You are my <br />
    kind of person we should hang out <br />
    Me as a Trader Warning I am veeery Picky <br />
    If its not on my want list and you are offering <br />
    some thing different it might take awhile to <br />
    make a decision I accept all friend request <br />
    Random trades.Be warn about befriending me if u haven't talk to me once or twice while your on my friends list u will be deleted.(Me in real life) Gamer,Hardcore Anime fan(Not associated with otakus) Hates Otakus so much they give real anime fans bad names WE ARE NOT THE SAME AS OTAKUS! I play sports Baseball I cosplay smile alot You can see me at ax La only cuz thats how far I will drive. I love scary movies I love getting scared haha Loves ghost hunting fer sure.The music I listen to all kinds genres to K-pop to rap I listen to all music If its good to listen too.lWhat I love to do:<br />
    I love swimming laying on grass drawing watching tv lol walking my dog you get it right.anyways if you wanna get to know me please add me Ciao! heart <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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