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  • Artist Info: I'm RegularCreature and I have strong opinions about the way I live. I live like any other Gaian who owns an aquarium, though all my fish are dead crying and only my Katkom crabby is remaining, my aquarium is nothing to boast about. sweatdrop <br />
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    I have a car that would be probably rusting in the garage because my internet speed can't be termed as internet "speed" rolleyes <br />
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    And I have a house that I cannot even open due to the internet "speed" exclaim So, that's all my life. But, I dream of being a good Gaian with no attraction towards flashy collectibles, items, apparels and events as such [I think I ignore the urge because everyone is doing it, and am I not different from the others? I might be]. I stand out of the crowd maybe because I'm too ordinary. I wonder how many people would be wearing the same things as me. ninja <br />
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    I'm not a clean ordinary person, I guess. I do not change my clothes daily on Gaia. neutral And I don't want to hurt anyone's sentiments though things could happen unwillingly twisted I heart people and Gaians.<br />
    ~ RegularCreature
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