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    Well hi.<br />
    My name is Aurelia, its an Italian Sports car, it also means The Golden Way<br />
    I'm 15<br />
    My birthday is the 4th of July<br />
    Up untill I was 9 I always thought the fireworks were for me<br />
    I swim<br />
    I draw<br />
    Umm...Im pretty different<br />
    I do drugs if you don't like it sorry I dont live for you I live for me<br />
    I live in US Pennsylvania<br />
    Im relativly easy to talk to<br />
    I love making new friends heart <br />
    I can be funny or not... sweatdrop <br />
    I play viola<br />
    I am clinically depressed emo <br />
    If you want to know more I'm very open PM me
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