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  • Artist Info: Hey! I just wanna say that i haven't been on here that long and i have a few questions to ask some one if any body wants to help me? I don't want to be a bother to anyone but if you want to help please tell me crying <br />
    Besides that i have a lot of hobbies like swimming and drawing mostly. I hate school and get an average grade, mostly b's. I think school is a complete waste of time even though you ARE LEARNING, but, i... just don't like school razz I want to get a scholarship to a graphic design school for a career. Which will be difficult if i don't like school lol. I guess i can find some ways that i do enjoy school though like friends and art classes and stuff.. <br />
    <br />
    The following are my favorite foods:<br />
    yum_pie yum_pizza yum_strawberry yum_tea yum_bacon yum_cupcake yum_donut yum_burger <br />
    Cause thats healthy O_O
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