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  • Artist Info: I was born. <br />
    <br />
    I enjoy antagonizing people and being lazy. I dislike work, and like watching things burn.<br />
    <br />
    Things I want to see and do:<br />
    <br />
    Note; Crossed out = Done/Seen.<br />
    SEE: A cow explode.<br />
    DO: Pop a small child's balloon and blame the person nearest to me.<br />
    DO: Go to a Wal-Mart and claim that voiced are talking to me.<br />
    SEE: A whale get beached use Self-Destruct.<br />
    DO: Break into a blood-bank a steal the rarest blood for my water ballooons.<br />
    DO: Say, "BOMB!!" at the airport and run like heck.<br />
    DO: Go to parliament and do the Charamelldansen while that song plays. <br />
    SEE: A clown explode.<br />
    DO: Release lobsters in Maury Povich's dressing room.<br />
    DO: Evolve without the aid of an evolutionary stone or trading.<br />
    DO: Tie candy to poisonous animals and release them into a crowded daycare. <br />
    SEE: Sora from Kingdom Hearts get cancer.<br />
    SEE: A Pokemon digivolve.<br />
    DO: Paint pineapples blue and send them to England.<br />
    SEE: NPC Liam becoming a prostitute or getting a sex change.<br />
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