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  • Artist Info: Yo, if your reading this then kudos to you for taking your time to read it, im a Artist-in-the-works I dont like boasting and i hate people that do, i have an name for people like that. "Ass-Hole" moving on, im big on anime and mangas i love drawing mangas, in fact I have 4 Mangas, Demon Hunter: Yatsimoyo, Mitsa Sharime, Iron Bullet, & C.R.M (Crazy Random Madness). I have one of my comics posted in the art arena which is C.R.M , hopefully no one will take it and try to call it their own cuz i've herd people tend to do that. Well thats all i got to say, once again thank you and kudos to you for reading this.<br />
    <br />
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