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  • Artist Info: I am kind and will help you. biggrin though don't ask me out I am already in heart <br />
    shadow<br />
    power:fire dragion slayer and shadow walker<br />
    age: unknown<br />
    gild:fairy tail <br />
    hair: black<br />
    eyes:blue<br />
    backstory:<br />
    i was traped bildong the tower of heaven. i met erza and her team i came up with our first plan to get out. it failed they asked who came up with it said me. they toke me and i did not fuss. erza said she would save me. i said no need i waited 4 days till i went into the shadows and helped her use her power i tryed to save jellal i only saved him partly. i made it to fairy tail after what i thought was 15 years but i was frozen in ice for 7. i was saved by natsu who saw me in the ice. he destoded the ice conselling me. i then jiond fairy tail and was never shown at the magic game i would be destroyed if i did shadow magic was gone and no one could see me so i never went<br />
    me: i searched for on Google no idea what anime it is from<br />
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