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  • Artist Info: My name is Katrina, I live where ever my company travels to. Right now we've been spending the winter in Utah. I make leather armor for Rose and Thorn Armory, its the best job ever! Check it out if you want! http://www.roseandthornarmory.com/<br />
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    So you have some idea, of my job, imagine going hiking in medieval garb and armor over that, living out of a period canvas tent, for months on end, selling armor on the weekends and making all that armor on the weekdays. There is no internet, no down time, and no escaping nature. I've been soaked to the bone in freezing rain storms, the tents fallen on me in the middle of the night during a storm cause by a tsunami, and all sorts of stuff. I have a vary adventurous job. Winter is down time. I've got so much free time, I might be able to play here for a little while! <br />
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    I love meeting new people, and I'm poking around gaia to see if i can play with any online people before my job takes me back into the world of camping in costume while crafting!
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