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    When I dance,<br />
    I cannot judge,<br />
    I cannot hate,<br />
    I cannot separate myself from life.<br />
    I can only be joyful and whole,<br />
    that is why I dance.
    <br />
    - Hans Bos
    <br />
    <br />
    I am, currently, b o n n a b y.<br />
    feel free to invent a fanciful moniker to remember me by.<br />
    gaia has been my off and on affair since '05. <br />
    gosh that dates me, doesn't it?<br />
    june is my birth month, the third is my birth day.<br />
    as a lady, I have the right to exclude my true age, oh ho ho~<br />
    love me or hate me, I won't thrust judgement unto anyone unduly.<br />
    vocabulary is something I hope to enrich, writing is something I cannot be without.<br />
    perfectionist tendencies sometimes morph my being into a puddle of woe.<br />
    if I disappear, it is likely because my muse has led me astray in all its wickedness.<br />
    my obsessions vary.<br />
    let us chat the night away about nothing at all, or plot on a single facet without end.<br />
    my home is on the west coast, thus my hours are pacific.<br />
    no, I'm not in school [a pending situation], but I understand if you are.<br />
    don't friend invite me if we haven't spoken - that's plain stupid.<br />
    <br />
    Tumblr, yo.
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