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  • Artist Info: Name: Rosemarie<br />
    Age: appears 14-16 ((Actual Age: 4,200 Give or take a few hundred))<br />
    Birthdate: Unknown<br />
    Race: Pure Mix. (Don't ask)<br />
    Gender: Female<br />
    Hair Color: Teal<br />
    Eye Color: Pink<br />
    Height: 5'4” (Really 5' 3 1/2”)<br />
    Weight: 150 lbs<br />
    Home: The White Tower<br />
    <br />
    Family:<br />
    Mother: Kage Triblut<br />
    Father: Rygar Triblut<br />
    Current Wife: Mhaura Knightbane<br />
    Brothers: Ghalleon Whitewolf, Reyus Whitewolf, Blank Triblut<br />
    Sisters: Diana Whitewolf II, Lucy Roughknight, Dawn Triblut, Dragoria Triblut, Justice Whitewolfe, Scarlet Whitewolf, Kagure Veltan<br />
    Children: Aidan Roughknight, Vissim Roughknight, Devin Whitewolfe, Skoll Knightbane, Hati Knightbane, Fayth Knightbane<br />
    <br />
    Weapon(s):<br />
    Masamune (Katana and large hammer form), a duplicate of Kage's crystal katana, and a sniper rifle<br />
    <br />
    History: (Very shortened version)<br />
    Dressed to look younger than her 'queen' self, she began attending a school on Bas-Haides under a different name. When she got to her sewing class she found out that she was supposed to teach it and was promoted to Teacher status by Denogenos. Thus she began teaching the class. Her two youngest children (Skoll and Hati) were attending the school as well but are now off on their own adventure with their other siblings (Keylana and Devin), cousin (Lucia), and a friend (Natir); Rose follows them around making sure nothing terrible happens to them.<br />
    <br />
    Personality:<br />
    Childlike and carefree. She is known for expression her emotions in very visible manners, generally with facial expressions or by magic. Occasionally has blood-lust tendencies where she will either nom on someone or disappear and slaughter some random person on the street.
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