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    Hello all. This is the amazing BooBoo, Boo, Pixie, or Detective Dino to those who deign to talk to me. Which is a danger all itself as I might drag you down to my level. Or maybe up to? That's irrelevant, so I'll move on. I'm insane, lurve brilliant colors, and my clothes are about as stylish as they get (total bullshit). I'm opinionated, loud, perky, excitable, snort when I laugh, and funny as all hell if you ask my friends. Then I'm also a total bitch to those who provoke me, quiet when I'm not comfortable, socially awkward, and a bit greedy when it comes to food (I've eaten my friends' lunches on multiple occasions...) I listen mostly to Country music but I love at least one song from every genre I've ever listened to.<br />
    I sleep with a teddy bear with an audio book playing. I'm also one lazy girl. I Luuuuurve video gaming, especially Bioshock, Left 4 Dead, and Alice: Madness Returns. I have an Xbox 360 which is basically mine (considering I'm the only person in my house who games).<br />
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