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    my name is Natasha. I've always been an advid role player (nothing dirty you pervert!). So if you find an interesting one, run it by be and I'll be sure to consider it. I'm very picky though, so don't expect anything. I'm actually a really laid back kind of person, so what you say about me will just bounce off and crumble on the ground. So if you have negativites, THEY HAVE NO EFFECT! I've been on Gaia for years, so if you need help with something, I'm here to help! As long as it's not something stupid. -.- You can find me either on here, facebook, or Perfect World most of the time. (I'm on here the most though) I'm a fantasy fanatic, and an Otaku. BEWARE!!<br />
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    To name a few favorite things:<br />
    <br />
    Colors~ navy blue, silver, red, gold, orange, black<br />
    Animals~ artic fox, snow leapord, butterflies, frogs<br />
    Foods~ anything Italian really<br />
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