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    Hey, I'm a random person on the internet with a terrible sense of humor! Illustrator in progress, love to read be it manga, comics or books I absolutely love litarature, I'm a melomaniac (Music Addict) and as well a fanatic of artistic cinema and horror movies. As a final note about myself, I'd say I hold a deep interest for the occult arts and strange science, I love investigating about the impossible and to wonder about the misteries of this cosmos. I do avatar art for 200k plat if anyone is interested! emo <br />
    I'm always open to friendship, it's always really sweet to have friends...<br />
    My Discord: N Y X#9696<br />
    Check My Art Thread!<br />
    My DeviantArt<br />
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    My Facebook<br />
    A post-punk goth song I'm lately hooked on... <br />
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