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  • Artist Info: Hi!My Username is Sakura_Haruno196,if you would like,call me by my real name,Amanda. whee <br />
    I like Twilight/New Moon/Ecplise/Breaking Dawn!If you don't like it?Like I give a care.I'm one of those people who don't really care what you think about them.So please.Don't even TRY to upset/offend me 'cause,it's impossible!Most of the time I'm very nice,fun-loving,music-loving person.But once you get me started,you're in for it. whee I also love to smile.You can make me smile by a joke,or a nice compliment.I'm easy to get along with and laid back.I can be very loud and random when I want to but most of the time I'm shy,and quiet.I'm not really the trouble making type.I only get in trouble for good reasons.Never for bad,bad things.Yah.I'm getting kinda bored writing in this,SOOO I'm gonna stop in a second....<br />
    COUNT DOWN!<br />
    10!<br />
    9!<br />
    8!<br />
    7!<br />
    6!<br />
    5!<br />
    4!<br />
    3!<br />
    2!<br />
    1!<br />
    BLASTOFF! *Waves Goodbye* <br />
    <br />
    Other Things! whee <br />
    Those gaiaborn under the Epistola constellation are often gifted with the ability to communicate openly and understandably, but can also (in certain situations) be cursed with the exact opposite, shutting the world out and keeping their thoughts to themselves, even when they want more than anything to open up. They tend to do things in their own time and mustn't be hurried. They are often polite and well meaning, but can sometimes seem patronising or arrogant to others. They are generally peace loving and do their best to find constructive ways to resolve issues and arguments via communication.<br />
    <br />
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