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    User ImageFebruary 4th*My birthday
    <br />
    Heey people people!~<br />
    My name is Kirara...HAHAh<br />
    I just thought of something funny..Uhmm,okaie.<br />
    I love to perform and I love to sing.<br />
    My friends are soo..weird.<br />
    Sometimes its a funny kind of weird<br />
    but other times its more like -- uh oh!<br />
    My sisters always tell me that I'm saying way too many words.<br />
    They think I say like 9,000 words a day and say I should<br />
    cut down to like..15 words.<br />
    I went on a vacation with my family.Well,a road trip,<br />
    and they accidently left on the side of the road. <br />
    It was funny!Till it got dark outside and then it got less funny.<br />
    My favorite food is cupcakes,spaghetti,candies,and mango.<br />
    This has been Kirara,which is me and this is my about me!
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