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    Whats up people names damani (aka. that nigga u dnt fuck with) ha! aight let me stop im nice as hell -_- but i will fuck u up dnt get it twisted, im madly madly madly madly in love with the love of my life and my future babe mama/wife tiffany thats my love, i wake up for that girl and i live for her, i know u gonna read this im talkn about YOU babe i love u so much. moving on im 17 just about 18 (i know i gotta young face) and im not big on dancing for some reason ya i know black guy that cant dance.....suck a dick, but whatever i love the cowboys for life as u can see with my phelix highlights the boy is a beast. anyway i been on gaia 2 long were gonna keep how long to myself -_-. fav colors black, fav car companys lambo (lamborgini) fav rappers ludacris now and forever linkin parks the shit and i love basketball, my gf swear she can beat me but that bull neva,ya get mad when u read it and see me on the court. im a very loving kind person and i put all i have into a realationship. i do cuss a lot but hay legally im a man. uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh im fucking awsome at......well life and i plan on bein in collage soon at del state so if anybody goin there come see me ^-^ well thats it i hope u like my page and if u dnt.........well dnt take this the wrong way but u might be gay
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