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  • Artist Info: Alright, well I just read my hubbie Gopi's about me, so now I have to write some more about her because even though this may look long, it's not because it's cut in half. Anyway, my hubbie's name is Gopi (and I swear to god, if I hear people start saying the word, "hubbie" I'm gunna go all old chinese man on them and say, "DO RE ME FA SO LA TI DO!" and take out a Pokeball, throw it at them, and hopefully a red duck comes out so that we can cut off its wings, but if nothing comes out, then it's sleeping goddamnit! And if nothing comes out, me and my hubbie will make you eat holy semen and run away. WE SWEAR IT ON THE LUCK OF THE IRISH! And if somehow it backfires on us, then it's the stupid fishes fault goddamnit! STUPID FISH!), and she always will be my hubbie, and togethah, we ah radical magic. We also just got these best friend necklaces, and I was about to go all phyco and cut mine up because we got into a fight, but then I came to my senses and called Gopi and appollogized. We also just cellebrated our 100'th aniversary, because we just got 100 inside jokes on our inside joke list, so if you're reading this, and it confuses you, then it's probably an inside joke you're reading, so don't feel special. By the way, C.C.N.S.D.B.A. is the best association in the whole world, because me and Gopi dance around and whisper the word, "Krishna" twice everywhere we go because we love to make fun of her family's religion. Gopi also has a very small bladder, and has to take a piss every time she gets scared or if she's laughing really hard. And I put that Shifty Five video on my profile because it's me and Gopi's song, that and the song that we made up to make fun of that Milkshake song. Anywho, the video is staring World of Warcraft characters because I got a 14 day trial and we played it and Gopi played it and swam in a lake, but then all of a sudden got chased by a scary pink monster, and ran away from it, and thought that if she went back in the lake it will stop chasing her. But then it started swimming after her and killed her. She told me she had to piss so bad after that. So now we're gunna hold a grudge against that goddamn monster. Gopi will never play WoW ever again, which is probably a good thing because I wouldn't want my hubbie to be a WoW geek (don't worry hubbie, I would NEVER let that happen to you! I swear it on the luck of the Irish!) People might also think that Gopi and I make a weird couple of friends, but if our children want to have sex, then they can have sex god damn it! And if you have a problem with that, then we'll make you go down to Krishna's basement to be raped and tickled with his 8 arms! Meanwhile we shall be making love under the sun. And then we'll have snap time, the snack shall be espegettay. And at the same time we will be imagining a non talking dog floating in mid air staring at us. Meanwhile raindrops shall be falling in our eyes, making us look like we are crying, and the emo sticky note shall be at our side, but it will already be crying...cause it's emo. Then we shall go home and play Grandia 3...Thats right! And by the way, don't you be tellin that Hellens rebellin or I'll be a fellen and squash yo mellen! And if you have a problem with us, then too bad! Cause we will always be togethah forevah! <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Alrighty, well first of all, I hate purple and I hate hippies, so if you're a purple hippie, don't expect me to like you.<br />
    I love video games, especially if they're RPG games. <br />
    South Park is awesome<br />
    Family Guy too.<br />
    Okami rules<br />
    Zelda too<br />
    I'll add more when I think of stuff to say.
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