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  • Artist Info: User Image My name is manda, I am 20 years old as of June 23 2012. I attend college, and work at mcdonalds. I live with my boyfriend Etwilo Snow. &lt;3 I have known him since we were 10 years old. I used to think I was easy to get along with but now that I have a job I realize that I have a low tolerance for bossy, rude, complainy, Im better than you kind of people. I'll punch you in the face. I may not be overly creative but I enjoy art, and I believe I may pursue a career in graphic design. <br />
    My likes are, Nature, the color yellow, white and light green and a light magenta, league of legends, singing, swimming, goofy dancing when no one is looking, browsing gaia, getting photoshoots and painting on my face with acrylics, hanging with my boyfriend getting cuddles ;P,anime, manga, 4chan, and just an array of so many different things. <br />
    User Image <br />
    I Absolutly hate mosquitos, people who think that they are better than me, my personal space being invaded,and very hot days.<br />
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