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  • Artist Info: Well hi der!<br />
    My name is Sabre Lynn (pronounced Say Berlin).<br />
    I'm a very outgoing girl.<br />
    I love all music but country for the simple being that I've lived mostly in Kentucky.<br />
    I'm 18 and act like I'm 3.<br />
    ^ If you could see how I'm acting right now to a song.
    <br />
    I love to have fun with my friends.<br />
    I say odd little facts randomly.<br />
    I live on my own and most likely will the rest of my life.<br />
    I do go to anime cons.<br />
    I play games!!!!!<br />
    WoW, Diablo, CoD...
    <br />
    ^ Yea, I'll kick any guys ass any day on those games.<br />
    I hate cussing but I love it at the same time. <br />
    OOOO ramen time!!!!!<br />
    I literally grew up on it.<br />
    I prefer the shrimp to any other.<br />
    If I have to I'll eat the others.
    <br />
    If you all want to talk to me you can e-mail me.<br />
    sabreuntouch@gmail.com<br />
    I check that almost everyday.<br />
    I do have a cell.<br />
    If you want to text me e-mail me for the number.<br />
    I RP more than I should...
    <br />
    Thats all I can really say for now.<br />
    I have to baby sit a 14 yr old.<br />
    Wish me luck.
    <br />
    Revised on 12/11/11
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