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    Welcome to my profile!<br />
    ---&gt;My named is Isabëllá but my friends call me either Bëllá,((Or Bella)) Isabel,Izzy, or Bee&lt;---<br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{Best way to describe me}&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    Just a southern belle lost in her time((And who is not afraid to kick up her heels))<br />
    <br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{{Likes}}&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    **My friends and family<br />
    **Hugs<br />
    **Laughter/smiling<br />
    **Outdoors<br />
    **Reading<br />
    **RPing<br />
    **Hanging out with my friends<br />
    **Poetry<br />
    **Being sarcastic<br />
    **Stepping out of reality<br />
    **Listening to my zune<br />
    **Shopping<br />
    **Animals<br />
    **Being random<br />
    **Staying up late just to watch movies<br />
    **Water and Moon((My element is water and Moon))<br />
    **Freedom<br />
    <br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{{Dislikes}}&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    **Drugs<br />
    **Mean people<br />
    **Haters<br />
    **People who think their all that<br />
    **Whores/Sluts,etc<br />
    **Stuck up and snobby teens<br />
    **Soldiers dying<br />
    **Stressing out<br />
    **Preps<br />
    **War<br />
    **Spending $$$<br />
    **Nail biting<br />
    <br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{{Fave singers}}&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    **Namie Amuro<br />
    **BoA<br />
    **Katy Perry<br />
    **Jesse McCartney<br />
    **Sean Paul<br />
    **Soulja Boy<br />
    **Taylor Swifts<br />
    **Carrie Underwood<br />
    **Selena<br />
    **Selena Gomaz<br />
    **Michael Jackson<br />
    **Justin Timberlake<br />
    **Miley Cyrus<br />
    **Kelly Sweet<br />
    **Hilary Duff<br />
    **Namie Amuro<br />
    **Demi Lovato<br />
    **Tiffany Giardina<br />
    **Aly &Aj<br />
    **Britteny Spears<br />
    **Avril Lavigne<br />
    **Lady Gaga<br />
    <br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{{Fave bands/groups}}&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    **The ting tings<br />
    **The Frey((huge fan of the Frey))<br />
    **Evanescence<br />
    **ColdPlay<br />
    **Jonas Brothers<br />
    **Plumb<br />
    **Three days grace<br />
    **Breaking Benjamen<br />
    **Linkin Park<br />
    **Skillet<br />
    **Sixx am<br />
    **Nickleback<br />
    **Wonder girls<br />
    **Nice guys finish first<br />
    <br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{{Heroes}}&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    **Anne Frank((Anneliese Marie Frank))<br />
    **Soldiers who fight for our country<br />
    **And my mum((...Even though she gets on my nerves all the time!))<br />
    <br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{{Fashion icon}}&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    **Audrey Hepburn<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    &gt;&gt;&gt;{Personality}&lt;&lt;&lt;<br />
    So...<br />
    I'm very sweet((My real birthday isn't until June 26th.Gaia screwed it up)).I suffer from Vertigo sometimes not all the time though and Anemia.I care dearly for my friends and family.I'm a wall-flower((a type of loner. seemingly shy folks who no one really knows. often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them. cute.A person, usually in high school, who sees everything and knows everything that's going on but doesn't say a word. They aren't loners, they are shy and don't choose to be in the mix of things.<br />
    A person nobody pays attention to, and fades into the background, but are really genuine and interesting people if you take the time to get to know them. they are introvertive, meaning they are shy and have a social disease. they cannot handle having someone pay attention to them even though they crave it as much as everyone else.)) I like being a wall-flower.I'm a nerd and I'm flattered when called a nerd or geek.I love to have fun and to meet new people.I may look unapproachable but I'm really sweet once you get to know me and break me out of my wall-flower shell! blaugh <br />
    <br />
    I've been belly dancing since of the age 13.I don't call it belly dancing though.I prefer the word "Shimmy" instead.<br />
    <br />
    I am Lactose Intolerance been since I was little yet I'll still drink milk bc I love milk lol<br />
    <br />
    My email is ladybugzheart@kittymail.com if anyone wants to email me and just talk.<br />
    <br />
    I am not afraid to make fun of myself and I'm kind of funny.I'm the funny that is so cute/funny you can't help but to laugh...Does that make sense? &gt;_&lt; I like random PMs and random comments so feel free to leave some 4laugh I am not allowed to drink soda((It's a long story mum thinks it's bad for the health xd )) I've been through a lot so I'm always here to help with problems and I guess that's me! &lt;&lt;&lt;
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