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    big lurk with increasingly outdated profile<br />
    please let me know if i tip your posts too much or anything else uncomfy - there's a DNC list Hey, I'm starkaat. I exist in several other parts of the internet, almost always under this name, so feel free to assume all other starkaats are also me? (Although recently I've noticed quite a few doppelgängers out there... because my old made-up screen name is actually the title of a book series, doubled 'a' and all. *shrug*) <br />
    I like to think that I'm a friendly and helpful person whenever possible, but I'm also cripplingly introverted and occasionally prone to bouts of pessimism... Sorry about that.<br />
    <br />
    In my free time, I like reading, drawing, and playing video games. Also purposeful, voluntary learning, because I am a huge dork. :3<br />
    (And animation and webcomics and a plethora of internet things I find really interesting... but I'm too shy to properly join in with their respective fandoms or communities. :s)<br />
    Every once in a while, I also doodle art freebies... If I think you're a stylish person, I'll draw something for you. c:<br />
    <br />
    I have a nigh incurable weakness for text emoticons and ellipses... It is a flaw I doubt will ever be overcome, and for that I preemptively apologize. v_v
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