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  • Artist Info: First of all I like to read, write, and play lots of video games. I'm a<br />
    prettty serious person but I do like to joke around once in a while. Recently I have been busy with school work and my aunt's birthday which was last week ago.<br />
    <br />
    My favorite movies are fan films. I like these films because they are not only well written and have high quality effects; but, they also have a certain fandom quality to that make it funny and AWESOME!!!! to watch. <br />
    1. Tombraider Ascension<br />
    2. Return of the Ghostbusters<br />
    3. Once Upon a Jedi<br />
    4. Starwars Revelations<br />
    5. Starwars Resurrection<br />
    My favorite anime are endless these are just the ones from off the top of my head:<br />
    1. Bleach<br />
    2. Naruto<br />
    3. DBZ (GT, ect)<br />
    4. Escaflowna<br />
    5. Skip Beat<br />
    My favorite tv shows are Psych, Monster Quest, Unsolved Mysteries, hmmmm what else.....My favorite cartoons are Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Chowder, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy as well as ,Starwars Clone Wars. From japanese dramas I like RH Plus (Bloody! now I drink tomato juice), Gokusen (all three seasons), My boss my hero, hana kimi, and a whole bunch of other ones.<br />
    I like to read sci-fi books and fantasy. My favorite starwars books are the Clone Commando series with Delta and Omega's: my favorite clone is Fi cause he always cracks jokes.<br />
    My top favorite mangas are:<br />
    1. Bleach<br />
    2. Naruto<br />
    3. Skip Beat<br />
    4. Angel Densetsu<br />
    These are just from the top of my head. I have a way bigger list of my faves.<br />
    My favorite bands are from Japan. My top most favorite Jrock bands are:<br />
    1. D<br />
    2. An-cafe<br />
    3. Alice-nine<br />
    4. Wizard<br />
    But for my most favorite band D, I want to get a signed picture of Asagi and go to at least one of his concerts. I think he has the best songs EVER!!!<br />
    Hmm.....I have many hobbies/interests like reading books, playing tennis, oh....I also like animals alot.I have a pet goat named Olive who's really spoiled.She snorts whenever she wants something from me. My dad gave her to me when she was born because she couldn't drink milk since her legs were really weak. With the help of my sister I fed her throughout the night and she made it. I also have a big fat white pet rooster that follows me where ever I go. I have other pets but these are my favorite ones.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Anyways feel free to watch my emoticon drama. Created by the genius mind that is me!!! HAHAHAHA!!! With this I shall totally annihilate the need for broadway or t.v. dramas!!! JK Anyways, I hope to get to make some friends on here. <br />
    <br />
    Toodles for now!!!
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