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  • Artist Info: Note: My profile is under construction! wahmbulance <br />
    Queer and nonbinary. 💀💀💀<br />
    I'm never good at these "about me" things. I don't enjoy trying to sum myself up. Especially not on résumés... thank god this isn't a résumé! I do like creating lists, however... So here, have a list that is relevant to me:<br />
    <br />
    x Axolotl(s?) are the best.<br />
    x I can be very surreal and hypothetical and what-iffy, sometimes to a fault. Should I bother getting this cheeseburger, even if an eagle could swoop down and pick it off my plate?<br />
    x While I don't put faith in astrology, I do have a mane, although I like to tie it back sometimes. My hair generally refuses to conform to my will; thus, I occasionally have Inappropriately Timed 70's Hair Days<br />
    x I write. <br />
    x Punaholics Punonymous will never take me aliiiiiiiive!<br />
    x I don't take anyone's shit.
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