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  • Artist Info: Hello everybody my name Julian Micheal Ramirez <br />
    and i was born June 20 1988 so that means that i am 20 years of age right now. i am going to college at san antonio college i am taking creative writing i want to be a director slash writer slash martial arts choreographer slash actor slash all that has to do with making one of my films. i graduated from Judson High School in 2006. and i've been registered to gaia for id say about 7 years. i love to write i love martial arts i like girls i love life and i love....JUDAS PRIEST! thats my favorite band in the world i love rocknroll, classic rock, oldies, and rap but not the stuff nowadays im talking like Run DMC, ice cube, 2pac, the old snoop dog and thats it but i don't really listen much i mostly listen to rock and classic rock. well thats me in a nutshell hope i see you in gaiaworld peace.
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