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      T H E B A S I C S
    <br />
            <br />
            Name: Alexis Marie<br />
            Nickname: Alix<br />
            Gender: Female<br />
            Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual<br />
            Marital Status: Taken, Martin Crapse &lt;3<br />
            Birthday: September Ninth<br />
            Age: Fifteen<br />
            Grade: Junior in High School<br />
    <br />
    <br />
      I N D E P T H
    <br />
            <br />
            Well, I'm a junior in high school at a small town that you have <br />
            most likely never heard of. I also don't care to share that information.<br />
            Most of my best friends have moved away. ( cough cough Savannah<br />
            aka. g i r a f f e s__aresexxy )
            I prefer to be alone rather than in large<br />
            groups. And yes that means I really don't like to party. Plus, I can't<br />
            even dance. xD I've been dating my boyfriend, Martin, for nine months -<br />
            as of November 2ND 2009. I'm pretty happy with him and I have zero<br />
            intention of an internet relationship. Don't ask. I love to read and I love<br />
            to write so that's what I do most of my time. Though, lately when I don't<br />
            feel like doing either I've taken up a new interest in drawing. I'm not great<br />
            yet - but I'm trying. Maybe soon I'll be able to draw faces so I can do avi art. <br />
            (; I love music - it's my passion. Thankfully one I share with my boyfriend.<br />
            I'm currently learning how to play the guitar - slowly but surely.<br />
            <br />
            I won't lie to you - I can be a bitch. No joke. I don't like haters, posers,<br />
            stupidity, judgmentalism, or annoyingness. And I certainly can't stand <br />
            THIEFS. Yes, I'm talking about roleplay and thread shit. I spend lots<br />
            of time on my coding and as do other people. Why would you go and steal<br />
            it like that? It's ridiculous. Just ask, hell. Most people on here don't bite. I'm<br />
            a pretty affectionate person, I'm almost like an attention starved puppy. I love<br />
            hugs and cuddling and all that good stuff. &lt;3 I'm a lover not a fighter. Though<br />
            I am very defensive with people that I love. When I say that I mean I'm really<br />
            defensive. I don't like personal attacks or those on my boyfriend or my friends.<br />
            What really bugs me is when they can do nothing about it. Such as stupid<br />
            things like physical appearance. No one wants to look like a Barbie doll.[<br />
      <br />
      <br />
        L I K E S
      <br />
              <br />
              Animals, or any shape or kind.<br />
              Things that are so cute they're ugly.<br />
              Most things other people don't like.<br />
              Caterpillars.<br />
              Silly bands.<br />
              Stuffed animals.<br />
              Mooses.<br />
              My boyfriend. &lt;3<br />
              Made-up words<br />
              Reading<br />
              Sarah Dessen<br />
              Jodi Picoult<br />
              Memories<br />
              Best friends<br />
              Bonfires<br />
              Dressing up<br />
              Silliness<br />
      <br />
      <br />
        D I S L I K E S
      <br />
              <br />
              Cancer<br />
              Stupidity<br />
              Judgmentalism<br />
              Cliches<br />
              Crying<br />
              Sadness<br />
              Boring things<br />
              School<br />
              Homework<br />
              Winter<br />
              Jaws<br />
              Sharks<br />
      <br />
      <br />
            If you feel you need to know more, ask. I don't bite.
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