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    Dorron Javalinski: [ xx ]<br />
    Orion: [ xx ]<br />
    =o more to come~
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    I am Waerloga Aeterna. I have been known by other names but have subsequently abandoned those accounts because of hard-on happy stalkers. I am a completely able writer that makes a few spelling mistakes because I've never been called on them in the past and they were just ingrained into my 'auto-type' portion of my mind. So if you happen to see a spelling error that my spell check doesn't find - please do inform me. I'd rather be corrected than wrong all the time.<br />
    <br />
    A word of warning to those who may be interested in collaborating a thick and beautiful story with me. You may come to find out I have somewhat of a 'dual-personality'. At times I may come off as I (believe I do) here, somewhat intimidating and one who pushes their intelligence on others. Snobby if you must. While at other times I come off as energetic, sociable and unnaturally happy. I believe this is what makes me a human being. One of the things that sets me apart from others. If You are uncomfortable with all of this that I have just typed then you should probably find a partner elsewhere. If not, read on - if you please.<br />
    <br />
    I Like..<br />
    [-] Storms, usually violent ones. They put me at ease for some reason.<br />
    [-] Seeking knowledge. I consider this a life-long pursuit as I will never be able to quench my thirst of knowledge.<br />
    [-] Those who seek knowledge. I consider them brothers and sisters in our journey.<br />
    [-] Fairness. Things that seem unfair tend to make me angry a bit.<br />
    [-] Justice. As it is the only answer for crimes. I am not to say to do something inhumane but to give proper disciplinary actions to those who deserve them.<br />
    [-] Mercy. Even wretched immoral beasts deserve mercy. This may seem contradictory but I do not think so. Justice is a form of payment to society. I believe after and during this process that those being disciplined should be treated fairly. They are still humans. No matter their crime.<br />
    [-] Music. Classical is my most favorite (don't ask me to name songs), symphonic rock comes in second. Everything else is third.<br />
    [-] Writing. Obviously. If this were not one of my interests I wouldn't be here.<br />
    [-] Those who are happy. I am surrounded in my real life by those right out of an emo catalog. I continue to grow tired of them and their never ending unhappiness. Happy people are much more fun and creative (read: non-morbid). This is merely my own observation.<br />
    <br />
    I Dislike..<br />
    [-] Continual Chaos. This disturbs me to a great degree. Though interesting at the start it becomes the hurricane Katrina of role plays.<br />
    [-] People who can not learn. Though this is different if it is a product of a mental / physical handicap. But then most mentally and physically handicapped people have other things that make them much more interesting than normal people.<br />
    [-] Unbalance. I strive to try and make things balanced in my own life (in vain, I know.) and find role plays that play particularly towards one character or another in strength to be quite frustrating. These rps will be dropped - possibly without warning.<br />
    [-] Ignorance. I detest it and those who claim its household. You people need to stay away from my thread. You are people capable of learning but refuse to. Go Away.<br />
    <br />
    Other..<br />
    [-] I am 24 going on 25. If you feel uncomfortable roleplaying with me, I will not take offense.<br />
    [-] Do not expect porn from my writing. I respect myself enough to not whore me or my characters out over the net. I hope you have enough respect for yourself to be of the same mindset. If, of course, you consider my writing to be mentally pleasurable through its creativity and beauty then that I shall offer you.<br />
    [-] I'm a Libra. Almost all the way through. Except I am not partial to peace when war seems to be the only way to remove a threat to culture and society.<br />
    [-] Some have called me a manipulator. I am not sure I am but just in case you do not like manipulators you should probably avoid me.<br />
    [-] I am not this serious all the time. =D<br />
    [-] I am not beyond answering any personal questions you may have. Ask and you shall receive.<br />
    [-] My favorite colors are black, dark green and the dark olive color. n-n mostly earthy colors.
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