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  • Artist Info: Name:Jean Clinard<br />
    Age: 17<br />
    Zodiac: Cancer<br />
    Blood type: AB<br />
    Height: 4'8"<br />
    Weight:92<br />
    Loves:<br />
    Hates: being short<br />
    Fav Food: Curry<br />
    Least fav food: seafood<br />
    Personality: Although Jean exterior maybe short and cute she packs a mean punch with her blunt and often hostile nature. She tends to be selfish only thinking of only herself and has little patience for people that waste her time stating "your wasting my time". Even though it seems as though Jean maybe a bit brutal to people she's quite the romantic, usually embarrassed and self conscious to the people she likes. She will often blush and look away awkwardly or even sometimes push people away saying " your to close i can't think."while blushing. Her personality weavers and is indecisive from person to person never completely being consistent.<br />
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