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  • Artist Info: Names Etirus. Im a high school dude. My birthday is on Christmas and if you dont know where is Christmas than its December the 25th. Im cool with the same hair style as my avi, not too popular and im pretty fast at running in my class. I like black, red, and white clothes, shoes, and other stuff. Im going to be a gangster LOL biggrin .I hang out will funny people, cool people, and hot ladies. LOL biggrin I'm not intelligent so dont tell me any question. Sometimes I sleep during classes. XD I like to play soccer and I might be the best in my class. I want to be on the soccer team for my school. I like to snowboard and I think snowboard is for cool people. I also like tackle football. My favourite subject in school is DT(Design and Technology), Gym, and Music. I love wolves, werewolves, and foxes. I dont go on gaia that much. Mabye once a month. I have a deep voice very deep and im a Korean/ Canadian dude. :pI'm Christian and I pray to God every Sunday. I play a few popular games and not popular games. I wished i had 1m so that i can buy one ancient kanata and hermes 9th moon. I'm not a really talkative dude. My normal emotions are: Happy, Sad, Angry, Bored.<br />
    <br />
    I dont like naruto the dude. I think hes a garbage can. Itachi is better, but the show is ok anyways. I like looking at stars and the moon. It brings me back good and bad memories. Winter is my favorite season because snow is mostly white. I named my guy Karuto Uchiha because i like Itachi and sasuke or susuke. They use the sharigan and i thought that i could make up my own uchiha dude. biggrin But now i want to name my guy Etrius. Don't like it? Well i do and you cant stop me from changing it. I got the name Etrius from stickpage.com and Etrius is a zombie killer and i kills a lot of zombies and other huge monsters like undead beasts and stuff. Mabye I could name my son Etrius if i had a son. biggrin <br />
    <br />
    I'm a black belt in Taekwondo and im learning how to play the guitar. I like to play inside than go outside. Getting a black belt is hard and some people fail to get one. I was lucky that I got one. The black belt is cool, its yellow and black. I wished it was red and black or blue and black. T.T Every November 1st, Its always my taekwondo tournament. This year I got 2nd place for sparring. I deserve to be 1st because my opponent keeps pushing me and blocks all my kicks. D; <br />
    <br />
    Next Year, I might get 1st place on my taekwondo tournament and get $100. I like listening to rock songs and techno. Linkin Park is my favourite. Techno is like remix. I like to study demonology. Demonology isn't actually a word. I made it up, but it sounds cool and i think that demonology is like studying witch - craft, life, death, differences, myths could probably be ture and yea... Im a hell wolf inside. It means that I like to hurt people that piss me off and full of hatred. Sometimes I wished that I didnt exsit, sometimes I wished I could live forever. Sometimes I wished that I was myself...
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