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  • Artist Info: FAQ:<br />
    Are you a girl?!?<br />
    Yes. In real life that is...<br />
    Whats with all the male characters?<br />
    Note that you said 'character' >.> I don't think I need to explain.<br />
    You're 21???? Get a life!<br />
    Yes. You're 17 its just a matter of time till you are being told to get a life. Why don't you just get over it?<br />
    <br />
    Grab a dictionary...<br />
    I'm Asexual<br />
    I support homosexual rights 4laugh <br />
    I'm an insomniac, either I'm awake for a few weeks, or I'm passed out.<br />
    Beer is gross, but I do drink socially...whisky usually, I also enjoy champagne, red wine, and brandy.<br />
    I haven't smoked or second hand smoked since May 29, 2007<br />
    I'm allergic to Sodium Benzoate :/ Water FTW!<br />
    I like to put coffee in my cheerios.<br />
    I don't play many games, just gaia, neopets and maple story.<br />
    I'm an asthmatic that hasnt used an inhaler for the last 6 years mate and I feel fine! XD I'm half Asian, half European, with a 'weird' accent.<br />
    My name is Haru I'm not Japanese, my last name starts with a T, put it together and you have harut. My parents are creative like that Dx<br />
    <br />
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    <br />
    <br />
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