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  • Artist Info: Hello everyone! I’m Lisa, a girl from Norway. Fyi, that’s in northern Europe. Norway is a really cold place in winter, when the temperature can go down to -40 degrees celcius, but in summer it’s just perfectly warm, with usually 20-30 degrees celcius. heart I turned sixteen in December, and that was great! <br />
    I do art requests, but they’re around 10-15k for a fullbody no-color. If you want color, I’m taking 30k. Sorry gaiz!<br />
    I go to a private school, but we don’t use school uniforms anymore. Great, huh? heart <br />
    I love music. I’m pretty mainstream when it comes to that, though – but let’s not be judgmental about it! I’m not mainstream in personality. Artists I listen to is people and bands like:<br />
    - Avenue Q<br />
    - Lady Gaga<br />
    - Mika<br />
    - Röyksopp<br />
    - Lily Allen<br />
    - The killers<br />
    - Coldplay<br />
    And various anime music and J-pop/rock. 3nodding <br />
    I also love to draw, act(I play in one of Norways most professional youngster theatre groups), play video games and having fun! I’m mostly a nintendogeek, with stuff like these games in my favourites:<br />
    - Super smash bros. series<br />
    - Pokémon series<br />
    - Super Mario<br />
    - Mario kart<br />
    - Mario party (and so on)<br />
    - Street fighter<br />
    - Kingdom hearts<br />
    - Final fantasy<br />
    And a lot more! I also love manga, anime and Japan generally. I love yuri, but I’m not all that into yaoi. I have a lot of favourite manga series, but my favourite artist is Ken Akamatsu, with Love Hina, Negima and A.I. Love you. His series are great! Right now, I’m into negima. Actually… I love it! NodokaxNegi forever heart <br />
    If you're still wondering about something, PM/comment me!<br />
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