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  • Artist Info: Smoke: No<br />
    Drink: Depends, but almost always no.<br />
    Fav food: Pizza<br />
    Cook: yes, have talent =)<br />
    Fav color(s): Black and blue<br />
    Sports: Soccer, chess and sk8...lol<br />
    Fav pass time: friends and music<br />
    Music: Mostly rock, punk rock, Alter rock, but i like allot of music...<br />
    Reads: Sci-fi, mythology and legendary creatures.<br />
    That says most about me...and i know there are many more, but i kinda feel uncomfortable at times...so plz, go ahead and ask if you want to ask.. =) <br />
    -----------------------------------------O----------------------------------------<br />
    [...]<br />
    And like the angel you are..<br />
    you're laugh, creating a lightness in my chest<br />
    you're eyes, they penetrate me...<br />
    (you never cease to amaze me)...<br />
    [...]<br />
    -----------------------------------------O------------------------------------------<br />
    "I miss you" - Simple Plan<br />
    <br />
    To see you when i wake up is a gift<br />
    i didn't think could be real<br />
    to know that you feel the same as i do<br />
    is a three fold utopian dream<br />
    <br />
    you do something to me<br />
    that i can't explain<br />
    So, would i be out of line <br />
    if i said...<br />
    i miss you?<br />
    <br />
    I see your picture<br />
    i smell your skin on the empty pillow <br />
    next to mine<br />
    you have only been gone 10 days,<br />
    but already im wasting away<br />
    <br />
    i know ill see you again<br />
    whether far or soon<br />
    but i need you to know<br />
    that i care...<br />
    and i miss you...<br />
    <br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - No Spell<br />
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel <br />
    Slick Shoes - You're My Angel <br />
    Slick Shoes - So Much More<br />
    Slick Shoes - Lucky<br />
    Blink 182 - I'm lost without you<br />
    Blink 182 - Feeling this<br />
    Rascall Flatts - Love out loud<br />
    Escape the Fate - Ashley<br />
    The Turtles - So Happy Together<br />
    Jon Foreman - In My Arms <br />
    Coldplay - Green Eyes<br />
    Axel - Tu amor por siempre<br />
    Axel - Amo<br />
    Sade - By your side<br />
    Robert Pattison - I'll be your lover too<br />
    Robert Pattison - Goodnight my Angel<br />
    The Ramones - Baby, I love you<br />
    Michael Bolton - Because I love you<br />
    Cheryl Cole - Fight for this love<br />
    Dan Torres - I can't live without your love<br />
    Goo goo dolls - Iris<br />
    Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels like home<br />
    3 Doors Down - I Feel You<br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    The truth of things...<br />
    <br />
    Sometimes things...they just don't end up right, or go as we think or want them to. Sometimes we say or do things without knowing or seeing that they weren't what should've been said...<br />
    There are many things I regret, and many dark things I remember from my own life, and I know that at some point I became lost within myself, within this darkness...<br />
    I thought "heck, I can't be me anymore..." and that was more or less how things became...I was walking blind, too blind to see that what I needed was right next to me. I came and went, from fall to fall, winter to winter in my cold darkness, searching, hoping for some sunlight.<br />
    And I thought my fate had been written down...for that it really seemed. Dissapointment after dissapointment, knocking from door to door, trying to open up my windows, but they were just too jammed to be sprung...<br />
    My path, it became dark and burdening, my footsteps burning over the lit up ashes of my soul...and my eyes could see no more. I could barely endure my own troubles, my own feelings of rejection; dispise of myself...I jus felt like an emptied cup, fractured by my own dissapointments, my own faliures which kept on clinging to my heart and soul like claws that never let go...<br />
    And there were thorns thrown at me, withering my heart little by little, shoving my smile into the corner, the darkened corner of my soul; hiding my joy and using it as a mask to...to not show myself anymore.<br />
    Yes, maybe I got used to getting hurt and one more time didn't matter anymore, or that it seemed. But, how'd you think you'd feel with you scattered into pieces, broken down to the bone? Everything just showed me, taught me that I was alone...<br />
    Was there something left for me? Something meant for me to hold? It was something I could never know.<br />
    What kept me going? What kept me enduring my path? Dear lector, it was not the premise of life to bury my past, but the thought that tomorrow would shine at last...and I knew that there were whom I could help, whom felt as lost as I...<br />
    And love...*sighs* love was something I could never understand. I passed my years waiting and waiting that someone show me how that mysterious thing called love was. At one point I thought I'd found out, but it turned me down again...dissapointment can't be love..<br />
    I kept on waiting and waiting for the right time, the right someone for me...<br />
    ---o---<br />
    And somehow, some glorious way, my time came at last...<br />
    I finally saw in my darkened day, another light, shining in a pure way. And, incredibly, a angel of pure and loving light, came down for me, taking my hand up from the darkness, helping me to fight. How? I cannot know. Why? I can never know, but I do know that I'll stand by her side forever more.<br />
    The fires were put out, the claws unhooked, my path was dark nevermore, my cold winters ended, the windows were open again and my smile came out from its hiding place...she did this, and sometimes she doesn't see, how brilliant and shining she is to me. And maybe sometimes I tell her too much, and maybe sometimes we don't get along, and maybe sometimes we feel that it couldn't hurt more than it has...But i'm not giving up her hand, and I want and know this love'll forever last.<br />
    And yes, now I know what it feels like to experience this truely. I'd been taught, told how love was supposed to be, but I never had felt it like I do now. And the fact is right now i'm so scared of losing it...because it's the best thing in my life. It is...and, boy, is it! I never thought it could be real; her and me feeling the same...the only way I get to sleep is having her next to me, comforting my dreams, letting me know everything will be okay when I wake.<br />
    I never will tire with these words, because, she showed me there was more to my little world...<br />
    I want to share the little and big aspects of me, to share the moments I live. I've opened up the windows and doors for her, to tell her I trust her with all...that she can come in. I know i'll never cheat or lie...and every time I dissapoint her, every time I fail...I cry...<br />
    Sometimes I mistake, sometimes I do wrong and it aches...Sometimes I see the tears in her heart, and i'd wish the words would come out to tell me what's wrong. But, over all, my arms want to comfort her, my lips soothe her, my eyes tell her it's going to be okay. I love her in every way, in every sense and manner, and nothing more than my angel matters...<br />
    I've been careless, reckless on my way, but I don't want to be like that anymore, I want to be another man that'll be better every next day...and even if things look dark and gray, I know that if we're together...it'll be all okay...<br />
    The gem of my life, the precious, dazzling, most beautiful thing I could ever have...and even if there are ups and downs, I know we can turn them around. I never knew I could be so lucky...so lucky to be with her...and never more have these words meant so much to me, never have they been so very true...<br />
    There will be nobody like her, nobody who could be like her, nobody who could make me feel alive and make me feel it'll be alright...She's the only one, only her and nobody else..the angel that mended up my wounds...And I know all these things were never so certain, so strong as they are now...so true...<br />
    <br />
    But...the truth of things is...<br />
    I love you...
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