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  • Artist Info: Smoke: No<br />
    Drink: Depends, but almost always no.<br />
    Fav food: Pizza<br />
    Cook: yes, have talent =)<br />
    Fav color(s): Black and blue<br />
    Sports: Soccer, chess and sk8...lol<br />
    Fav pass time: friends and music<br />
    Music: Mostly rock, punk rock, Alter rock, but i like a lot of music...<br />
    Reads: Sci-fi, mythology and legendary creatures.<br />
    That says most about me...and i know there are many more, but i kinda feel uncomfortable at times...so plz, go ahead and ask if you want to ask.. =) <br />
    -----------------------------------------O----------------------------------------<br />
    Edit:<br />
    Time has gone by and quite a few changes have gone through, so right now I'm jus chillin', working when I have to, working out, enjoying my weekends, saving up for my vacations and travelling, and studying Japanese (yeah, you can guess why haha).<br />
    I'm an anime fan, not hardcore, but there're some titles I love and cherish. Some are mainstream, others are not, but I still enjoy watching some of these stories.<br />
    Life has been somewhat good for me, but still I miss so many of those who left...it's so sad.<br />
    I hope that, if you come by, add me..! There's still some spark left in Gaia for the users left!<br />
    <br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - No Spell<br />
    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel <br />
    Slick Shoes - You're My Angel <br />
    Slick Shoes - So Much More<br />
    Slick Shoes - Lucky<br />
    Blink 182 - I'm lost without you<br />
    Blink 182 - Feeling this<br />
    Rascall Flatts - Love out loud<br />
    Escape the Fate - Ashley<br />
    Coldplay - Green Eyes<br />
    Goo goo dolls - Iris<br />
    3 Doors Down - I Feel You<br />
    (I'll leave the ones above 'cuz they still are good songs)<br />
    As of right now I'm open to new types of music, but I still have that rock/punk/metal background I love so much!<br />
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    By the way, check out my submissions to the art forum, I do write, just that I haven't had any feedback so I kinda don't know if to continue with it!
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