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    hay everyone ^^ Im called Angel, Im a member of the Host Club [least in my guild ^^] i love having fun i love eating sweets with Hunny and poking at Tamaki &gt;3 you know ill poke you tamaki!!XD i also love Japanese music by Ai Otsuka Im currently in a playful mood [like always] im pretty sure if i asked the host club to come up with a theme for me they would say Ai otsuka's Sakuranbo :3 its as hyper and playful as i am. Also sorry i have it on there twice on my playlist i think owo dun shoot me!! but its fun!!! :3Im always smiling now i have my host club friends biggrin I also love making guilds o-o seriously i like make a guild for all my roleplays owo Oh but ima get hunny a present ;3 dont tell him SHHHH!!!!I also love classical music such as Beethoven and Mozart, Ill be adding them to my playlist soon ^^ my favorite emote con is the kitty face :3 I also love to sing, I love singing japanese songs :3 Especially by Rikki and Ai otsuka, There arent many people i hate Ahem(Yusei and his bitch of a girlfriend)
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